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SANTIAGO – Sunscreen SPF 50 body cream-gel 150ml


SANTIAGO 150ml, for the body, is the sun cream gel you’ve been waiting for! It protects from UV rays and evens out the complexion in a natural way, giving you a healthy and slightly tanned complexion.

Its light texture guarantees fast absorption, leaving your skin soft and velvety like never before!

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It only takes a few simple steps to get the skin you dream of!

Apply SANTIAGO on cleansed and dry skin, massaging gently until completely absorbed.


SANTIAGO contains an explosive mix of oils that will give tone and elasticity to your skin.

  • Sesame oil, rich in linoleic acid, selenium and vitamin E, known for its high protective and antioxidant properties, soothes and regenerates the cells of your skin damaged by sun exposure.
  • Olive oil, with high antioxidant properties, protects your skin from the action of free radicals, preventing the effects of photo-aging.
  • Avocado oil, rich in essential fatty acids, makes your skin toned and supple, performing a regenerating action.
  • Microencapsulated sunscreens, ideal for the most sensitive skin, contain an innovative formula that guarantees total protection for your body, leaving your skin free to breathe.


Ingredients of natural origin: 90,10% (see INCI table)